Enamelled Aluminium / Copper wire
180°C and 200°C Temperature

Insulated Round and Flat Conducters
Fibre Glass and Mica Wires

Type of insulation:
Kraft natural paper, Calendered kraft, Calendered crepe paper, Upgrated kraft paper, Diamant kraft, Nomex®, Polyester film, Glass tape, Tecwrap, Dacron/Mylar®, Polyester/Mica, Glass Mica

CTC continuously transposed cable
Copper and Aluminum

electric motors, generators, transformers, windings, toroidal band cores, train, automobil, cables, etc.

Cobaltalloys for example 2.4778, 2,4682 etc.

Products Shapes & Forms:
cold rolled stripes, hot rolled and forged parts,
round bars, casting parts

Welding, Apparatus, chemical and petro-chemical
application, ship-Building, Aerospace

Special Materials