3.7025/Gr.1, 3.7035/Gr.2, 3.7165/Gr.5, 3.7055/Gr.3,
3.7065/Gr.4, 3.7235 /Gr.7 Pd


3.7034 bzw. 3.7164, AMS4911, AMS4928 Aviation
ISO 5832–ASTM F136 ELI+F67 for medical
Application AWS A5 16-90 ERTI Welding application

Product forms / shapes:

Roundbars, hexogonal, seamless and welded tubes,
wires, sheets


apparatus and mechanical engeneering, chemical /
pharmacy, medical industry, racing sport, ornaments,
optical- and design application, golf caddies etc.

Titan, Titanium-Alloys