As trading company, founded 2001, operating as an national and international distributer and stockholder, we supply mainly special metals/alloys for particular applications to the final enduser, that means semi products like tubes, bars, plates/sheets, strips and wires.


    - Precise technical and ambitious commercial consulting
    - High requirements by ISO certification
    - Flexibility of supply due to stocking
    - Delivery by smaller quantities/lots
    - Reasonable market conditions
    - Technical adviser between producer and final enduser
    - Development projects/problem solving for prototypes


    - Special stainless steels
    - Pure Nickel / Nickel-Base-Alloys and their products
    - Pure Titanium and Titanium alloys
    - Wires out of Copper/Aluminium with different Insulations
    - Cobalt and Cobalt alloys
    - Drawing parts

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